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Customer Testimonials

Our 7 Step Video Production Process

  1. Video Production Meeting & Project Kick-off
  2. Write the first draft of the script
  3. Select the right voice-over pro for your brand
  4. Develop the storyboard
  5. Create the initial version of your video
  6. Revisions based on your feedback
  7. Send final video file in HD format.

Research Stats on Video Content

52% of marketing professionals worldwide name video as the type of content with the best ROI. (source: Syndacast)

People spend an average of 260% more time on pages with video than without (source: Wistia)

Executives (i.e. decision-makers) are watching more videos. A study conducted by Forbes and Google found that 83% of executives are watching more video than they did a year ago.

The study by Forbes and Google also found executives take action after watching video; 65% have visited a vendor’s website after viewing their video and, on average, 50% of executives conducted a search for more information after watching a work-related video

What our Customers Say

“Justine just showed me the Pro Forma video and it is AWESOME!!!! Your team really understands our brand!”
Sue Chappel / Marketing Director
“We hired PPS Content for the second time to produce a video to promote a new product launch. They were easy to work with and very patient with us as we worked through the scriptwriting process. The end video was great we would definitely recommend hiring PPS Content.”
Dan Schottlander / President
“Matt and his team helped us get our ideas on paper and guided us through the process as we developed our first and second animated videos with them. I highly recommend PPS Content, they kept us on track, on budget, and finished with an excellent product.”
Laura Lieberman / VP of Marketing

We Wrote the Book on Producing and Using Animated Videos for Sales & Marketing!

Animated videos are one of the most effective tools you can have in your marketing mix. These videos can make the complex comprehensible and consistently deliver results. If you are interested in really learning the details of how to produce and use these videos, you may want to check out this affordable eBook.

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Our Story – Why Our Name Is Boring

PPS Content is a spinoff of Professional Prospecting Systems, one of the oldest B2b Marketing and Lead Generation companies in North America. That means we came to video production from being in-thetrenches marketers who needed to produce results – or be fired.

We were always looking for a competitive edge and tried video early on as a CTA (call-to-action) for the outbound and inbound campaigns we were running. Our first videos were simply PowerPoints with voice-overs. A few years after we started using videos, one of our consultants discovered whiteboard or sketch-style videos and we tested one on a Google Ads campaign that was actually doing well…the results? Double-digit conversion rates – we were blown away.

We started recommending animated videos to our clients and initially hired individual freelancers to produce them. Because of the volume of videos we needed to deliver, it soon became necessary to build our own team and develop our own process-driven approach to video production. And that’s how PPS Content was born (we didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about the name).

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