Video Production Process

A Proven Video Production Process - It's All Done For You!

Here is how we do it:

Step 1 - Video Production Meeting & Project Kick-off

You are provided with a “Video Production Worksheet” to make it easy and fast to compile the information our team will need to write your script. In a Go-to-Meeting or conference call, we interview you, go over the information in the worksheet and make sure we understand your business, your audience, and the purpose of the video.

Step 2 - Write the first draft of your script

You get an experienced script writer with years of experience taking the source material provided and writing a concise 300-325 word script for the typical 100-120-second video which is the usual length of a video. When you need a shorter video the script will be shortened accordingly.

Step 3 – Pick the voice-over pro who will record your script

You will be able to choose from about 10 different pros or you can bring in your own voice talent. We will also audition new talent for the project if necessary. Be assured there are plenty of great voice over pros that can be hired for reasonable fees and you will be able to get the right voice for your project.

|To answer a question that often comes up: Is it better to hire a female or male voice-over pro? The Answer: There is no definitive research to indicate that one or the other is better. Some research seems to indicate a male voice is more authoritative.|

Step 4 – Develop your storyboard

The way our storyboard process works is that we meet with you and go through the script line by line and write text storyboard notes for the illustrator to follow. In the case of a 2D animated video (the cartoon style), you will get a PDF with images for each line of the script so you will know how the video will look before it is animated.

Step 5 – Create the initial version of the video

After the storyboard session or creation phase, it takes about 2-3 weeks to produce the first version of your video. The bulk of the effort is creating custom illustrations, icons, and graphics. When the video is done, we will send you a link to watch the video and share it with colleagues.

Step 6 – Revisions to the video based on feedback

After you have had time to review the video and share it with others to get feedback and you have a consensus on any changes you would like us to make, we take your feedback and make revisions. Your production fee includes one round of major revisions and we do minor revisions at no charge to be sure you are 100% happy with your video.

Step 7 – Send the final video in HD format

Once you are completely happy with your video we will send you a download link to take possession of your video content. If you need any help or advice using your video or figuring out hosting we will be there for you, we want to be sure your video will produce results.